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The emotion felt by discovering a little-known region which will completely indulge your senses.
The gaze of looking out over endless territories of valleys and mountains where the deep blue sky meets the splendid trabocco coastline, unique in the world.
The sound of the waves of the sea and the whisper of the wind blowing through the fields of a land entrusted with the products which make the regional cuisine so great.
Encounters with the flavours of the dishes making up the rich Abruzzo cuisine which boasts numerous excellencies with its 148 leading culinary masterpieces. Precious aromas inebriate the sense of smell with wines of great character.

Know firsthand why Abruzzo has always been known as Strong and Gentle.

Our Experiences

Boroughs and delights

Boroughs and delights

An itinerary leading you to the discovery of a surprising genuine, but still not very well-known region.

Abruzzo: unique and precious

Abruzzo: unique and precious

A complete itinerary that combines the most beautiful landscapes of abruzzi with its oenogastronomic excellence.

Infinite stars

Infinite stars

An inspiring journey in the heartlands of Abruzzo, in its emerald green nature, in its vineyards and age-old olive groves.

The concept

"The great thing about life is that you can enjoy great things."

A pearl of wisdom that is truer with every passing day

Beautiful places in a region still unknown to many, its historical sites and nature reserves a well-kept secret, views that will take your breath away, the joy of sharing. These are the cornerstones of the Wonderful Abruzzo concept. We want our guests to discover the places we love, so precious to us that we want to share them with appreciative visitors.

About Us

Three young friends. Three Abruzzo businessmen who care about hospitality, fine food and good wine, and who love their region’s amazing nature.

An Abruzzo lingering along the Adriatic coast and shielded by the Gran Sasso d’Italia and Majella mountain ranges, described so perfectly by local poet Gabriele D’Annunzio in his works.

An Abruzzo now discovering itself thanks to businesspeople who make an ongoing and passionate commitment, in hospitality and catering, in the production of top-notch wines and artisanal beers, in the farming of quality products.

What we do

Wonderful Abruzzo’s mission is to enhance and promote tourism in the area.

Our mission is founded on generating reasons and opportunities for co-marketing among private operators, attracting higher tourist flows to Abruzzo.







The District

Abruzzo is known as the green region of Europe, for its three national parks, the highest peaks in the Apennine chain, some of the loveliest villages in Italy, with so much history and so many traditions.

Finest of the Fine

The main goals of the Wonderful Abruzzo concept are to promote the district its fine foods and wines: its PDO EVOOs and its excellent DOCs and DOCGs.


Abruzzo cuisine is generous both in flavour and in options, based on the outstanding raw materials that abound in this region.
Every day, skilled hands turn the bounty of the sea and the soil into the amazing recipes that become surprising dishes, an authentic “thrill for the palate”.


Abruzzo’s coast and its inland areas, embraced by sun and sea, immersed in vineyards and age-old olive groves, are the quintessence of Mediterranean nature. Wonderful Abruzzo has selected facilities lying close to some of the top towns and the most charming natural beauty spots.

The experience

Fine food and wine trails: a motivated, satisfied visitor will give positive feedback.

The remarkable experience of being a tourist combined with a desire to go back to the land and its discipline, with its typical and authentic local products.

The Services

Wonderful Abruzzo offers its guests a series of services that make a holiday in Abruzzo tempting and unique.

The Facilities

Wonderful Abruzzo hospitality is offered by experienced facilities and reflects attention to quality and an eye for detail.


Wonderful Abruzzo packages are all-inclusive, factoring in the aspects that make an experience memorable.

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